YBN Cordae – In These Streets (Feat. John Legend & Nick Grant)

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Today marks the arrival of another chapter of Godfather Of Harlem, and once again the lineup is a stacked affair. Following a solitary drop with 21 Savage’s “On The Inside,” YBN Cordae, John Legend, and Nick Grant have linked up for another cinematic affair. After all, when EGOT level talent is involved, the vibe is inherently extravagant. Opening with a beautiful yet melancholic piano line, John Legend proceeds to do what he does, his association with the Godfather Of Harlem adding a welcome dose of street cred.

The trio even opt to skip the drums altogether, keeping a sparse and somber feel throughout. “Make excuses, we do it, the truest, life is so beautiful, and beautiful is music,” raps Cordae. “Scream, “Woe is me,” n***s got their problems, learn their lessons every day, you just gotta solve ’em.” Nick Grant closes things out with some introspection, rapping “America is a cold game, we sellin’ China for the low mane,” Place dope in our hood, now they tryna hit a n***a with the R.I.C.O, like Calvin missin’ his rope chain.” Check out the track now, and stay tuned for more from the Godfather Of Harlem soundtrack.

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